Stranger Things : The Most Compelling Season 3 Theories!

Since the Netflix exclusive first aired in 2016, there has been an influx of fan-generated theories and possibilities within the Stranger Things universe. From the real meaning behind the up-side down to the chance of Barb, from season one, still being alive. Stranger Things has quickly become a house-hold name with an immense cult following. Now, with the next season looming ever-closer, what could happen in season three of this epic series? 

Two trailers, teasing the next installment, have recently been released. With this, fans are already speculating as what could go down in Hawkins in season three. 

Billy and Mrs. Wheeler 

Being set just 6 months after the events of season two, summer is in full swing in Hawkins. In one of the trailers, we see Billy, a character introduced in season 2, taking over his shift as Hawkins local life-guard for the public pool. Within this scene, Billy exchanges pleasantries with one of the main characters mothers, Mrs. Wheeler. With Mrs. Wheeler gawping at Billy, he acknowledges her new bathing suit, saying “Dig the new suit Mrs. Wheeler” to which she replies “Thank you” whilst winking at Billy. Why would the show’s creators, The Duffer Brothers, include this scene in such an early trailer? Could we see a possible fling between Billy and Mrs. Wheeler in season 3? 

Hawkins’ new mayor is a bluff 

During a different trailer for the next season, we see that Hawkins is electing a new mayor. After-all, the town has had its fair share of drama recently and could do with leadership and direction. However, could this be a cover-up for more nefarious government operations? As we know from the first two seasons, the government has been conducting experiments in the areas surrounding Hawkins, and if this is the case again, then they’d need a distraction for the more prying eyes in Hawkins, most notably the reporter from season 2: Murray Bauman as well as Nancy and Johnathan (who we see approaching The Hawkins Post in the same trailer)  

So, what’s a better distraction than a new mayor and a great big carnival to go along with him? 

What makes this point even more interesting, is that the mayors’ campaign colors and logos bear a striking resemblance to that of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 a possible nod to the similarities between the characters. 

“When blue and yellow meet in the west” 

With all these theories flying around, not even the show’s creators could leave out a bit of teasing for the next season. Hidden inside an official behind the scenes book, released last autumn, the same phrase was also found in a shorter teaser video released in January of 2019.  

However, what does this mean? Eagle-eyed viewers have been hot on the trail of speculation as to what “when blue and yellow meet in the west” means. Some of the most compelling theories evolve around the following: Eleven and Mike’s t-shirt colors on the official poster. Found on the official poster for the next season, Eleven and Mike can be seen holding hands together wearing blue and yellow t-shirts, respectively. Make have hinted that this could be what the excerpt means, with their relationship developing during the events of this next installment.  

The Starcourt Mall. One of the biggest features in this next season is the introduction of the Starcourt Mall, and coincidentally the mall has a giant clock with two blue and yellow clock hands. Could this hint towards the element of time in the next season? Rumors have noted a possible time-travel event during the next season and perhaps the clock will signify this. 

What do you think? Tell us about your Stranger Things theories below! 

Written by JournalistJosh, more articles available here: https://journalistjosh.wordpress.com/