Suave Martyrs – Cascades of Gold

Describing Suave Martyrs as an LSD fuelled take on an indie rock would be an apt way to describe them as far as Cascades of Gold goes. 

With raging drum beats that pound in anticipation, accompanied more bizarrely by cowbells in places. There’s certainly an air of oddity around Cascades of Gold that only grows the deeper you look. Every piece of percussion just keeps going at an astonishing rate, bordering on a drum roll style of beat in certain stretches. 

It’s no different for the guitars either, with a very stoner rock meets 70’s hippy vibe to them. There’s even some notes where it sounds like the strings have transitioned into the use of a sitar in some places, that’s how far out it’s going. 

But the trippy vibes, and feel-good moments of the accompanying music are all in service of the lyrics. It’s a weird ‘can’t-put-my-finger-on-it’ feel all around, with lyrics describing flying off into space, which blatantly screams hallucinogenics being involved somewhere. 

Besides all the trippy lyrics and out there instrumental choices, Suave Martyrs maintain an appealing feel to them. There’s never too many things going on, and it’s not so out there as to alienate the listener either. Instead, there’s a fine line being walked where the average listener is brought along on a wild ride of a song, whilst the psychedelic rock fans are carried away.