Suave Martyrs – Footsteps

Effortlessly stamping their name on new-wave psychedelia, Suave Martyrs latest release ‘Footsteps’ takes you to an ethereal plane of kaleidoscopic magic.

Creating a mosaic of chorus-riddled guitars, tight build ups let by intricate beats, tireless melodies and bewitching vocals, ‘Footsteps’ is the dreamy love child of modern psychedelia and grunge. Sounding like it’s been plucked straight out of the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas soundtrack, ‘Footsteps’ mimics a hazy, dreamlike state allowing you to get lost within its trippy reverberated soundscape. Switching between its fiery leading riff and the haunting ambience of its verses, the music throws you back and forth between fuelled adrenaline and suspenseful anticipation. Also utilising a plethora of subtle but eerie backing vocals, the track catches your attention just enough to make you question if it’s the music or your internal monologue whispering to you.

Despite only repeating the line ‘Footsteps, footsteps you’re a creeper’ throughout the chorus, the overall excitement of the section is immense. The relatively simple vocal melody proves to be captivating enough without the need of the typical predictability of commercialised melodies or chordal structures, effortlessly working its way deep inside your head. The tracks instrumentation creates an energetic backbone for the vocals to lead from, with each overlapping effect sweeping you further and further into the music.

By taking inspiration from existing genres and putting their own stamp of individuality on it, the direction the band are taking with their latest single is seriously promising. It’s always exciting to hear something with a twinge of familiarity grow into something uniquely powerful in its own individual way, and if the band carry on travelling down this path, they’re sure to travel extremely far.