Suchy – LayLow

Released September 11th, Suchy’s brand new single ‘LayLow’ is an exquisite blend of soul, pop, R&B and even ska. Calling out on a personal experience of a toxic relationship, the track details a powerful warning for the ‘villain’ to lay low. A story that may feel relatable to what you see in the new and storylines in your favourite TV shows, ‘Laylow’ is a soundscape that takes listeners through realms of confidence and independence. 

A soulful journey through large amounts of adrenaline, the energetic single is drenched with party instrumentation, getting anyone in the mood to dust the glad rags off and dance. A track that doesn’t follow the crowd, ‘Laylow’ does its own thing with its head held firmly high.

Not letting anyone walk all over it, the fierce number pays ode to Suchy’s roots and the musical culture of Bristol. Refreshingly original and enlightening listeners to always stand up for themselves in whatever situation may arise, ‘Laylow’ is a powerful sentiment destined to make you smile, dance and most importantly, sing along.