Sunstack Jones – Golden Repair

This dreamy new LP laced with ludic rhythms comes from Liverpudlian soft rockers Sunstack Jones.

Muffled vocals echo atop floaty instrumentals to create an unmissable psychedelic vibe throughout this album, which for one reason or another feels distinctly scouse at its core. Layed beautifully with the aforementioned vocals always prominent, it builds in its hypnotic quality as builds and dips to and from crescendo in what has become their trademark style.

Golden Repair feels almost like an opera as it progresses, brimming with sound, and changing tempo and style throughout. Album opener Where You Gonna Go emerges with very subtle beats, it constantly develops and evolves and before you know it you’re in the midst of a powerful four-minute long instrumental outro, complete with a piercing guitar riff, indicative of the LP as a whole.

The genius of Golden Repair and of Sunstack Jones generally is how with seemingly few elements they can create a sound which seems to completely engulf you, taking over your senses and forces you to sit up and listen. It’s tough to put your finger on exactly what it is about their music that creates such an epic sound, but the sum of their parts simply complement each other with such compelling ease that it makes it impossible to not take notice.

The highlight comes courtesy of Glass Boat, a track which whilst following in the footsteps of the preceding tunes in mood, just glitters and shines a little more with a little extra rhythm in its melody to create an intoxicating energy.

They do slide slightly in the opposite direction as well, most notably with Distill, which conveys a more raw, emotion fuelled side to their ever expanding repertoire or sounds. Its main function, however, seems to be to provide a calm backdrop from which the closing (& heaviest) tracks can emerge.

Seams & Almost Hear The City seem to pay homage to a different past influence, as they delve into darker sound, bordering on grunge at points. It feels so perfectly planned out, how not only does each track seem to build organically to climax, but the LP as a whole does the same with these angrier, more powerful tracks closing it out.

Having now seemingly perfected their sound, and now expanded and taken it to newer and more interesting places than we have seen it go before, the temptation to wonder where they will go next with it is tantalising. For now though there is no rush to wonder what the future will bring. Instead, there’s only a need to sit back and get lost in these enchanting rhythms they have blessed us with.