Sweet, Coins! – Take Me Back to When

Hatfield based indie-punk quartet Sweet, Coins! unveil their debut single, ‘Take Me Back to When’. Telling fans to appreciate the little things in life, the track features a subtle indie-punk arrangement, giving the track an extra youthful bounce.

Recording in lead vocalist Tommy’s bedroom using a small set-up, the track ended up becoming a statement and something to be proud of. Citing similarities to Sex Bob Omb out of Scott Pilgrim, the fun-loving characters behind Sweet, Coins! will make you smile with their loveable nature and music.

Take Me Back to When’ feels relevant right now with everyone missing the simpler times before the pandemic, the track couldn’t have come at a better time. Letting fans know that things will get easier, Sweet, Coins! will become your companions with their soundtrack to easier times.

About looking back on the past and reminiscing the times you shared with your loved ones, the track has a nostalgic presence with lots of space to make even more memories from it’s refreshing personality. 

For a band that has just started, the future is looking bright and in place. With their eyes set on a debut EP, ‘Take Me Back to When’ gives the thumbs up to listeners that this band are bound to become a new must-see in Hatfield.