Szou – Shadows

Soft synth tones are aplenty in this new single from Manchester singer-songwriter Szou.

Taking inspiration from her contemporaries such as Lorde, she combines a haunting minimalism at points with entrancing electro pop beats to produce a truly spellbinding sound with compliments her voice magnificently. Her sound finds a wondrous gap somewhere between pop, dance, electronic  and RnB, seemingly taking all the best bits and stealing them to create her own beautifully recognisable brand of synth splendour.

There is much more to this track than its simple elements though, the depth within the lyrics is what really elevates it to a place of real relevance and importance. At its core, Shadows is a tale of trying to recapture all of the beauty of the pre-covid world, as it questions when we will really get back to a place of happiness as the hardship rages on. The power and energy she possesses.

s in her voice though make this less of a doom and gloom tale of despair, and more of prophecy of better times ahead, giving off a vibe of hope not anger, and that is where the real strength of this track lies.

To put it simply, this track is a tale of losing the things we took for granted and lusting after their return, wrapped up in a quilt of harmony and energy which carries the despair heavenward. Szou displays remarkable talents in writing and performing, and leaves you equal parts intrigued and impressed with her sound. She is one to watch who may well turn heads and pierce the mainstream markets, and when she does it will be richly deserved.