Szou – Utopia

Electro-pop artist Szou releases the follow up ‘Utopia’ to latest track ‘Dystopia’. During the pandemic, this songwriter and producer has been writing and making a positive outcome come out of the darkness. ‘Utopia’ explores a competitive electronic avenue, and grabs the trophy at the end of the road.

An artist simply doing her own thing, Szou is making a statement with her sound. Influenced by diverse electronic artists from this era, ‘Utopia’ was mixed and mastered by Mattu.

While previous single ‘Dystopia’ explored fear of the pandemic, and worries of what’s to come next, ‘Utopia’ has a refreshing, optimistic presence. Predicting a hopeful future through a euphoria production, the track celebrates what the end of the pandemic will feel like.

Utopia’ is bathed in energetic dance beats with soulful vocals touching the surface on top. One thing about the track that feels like it could have improved on, is the level of dynamics. Dynamically, it stays the same throughout, and it feels like it has a lot more potential in the production department.

Nevertheless, the exquisite songwriting from Szou is astonishing, and she’s proving if you look at things from a different perspective, you’re doing good.

‘When this is over, there’ll be one big party’… that’s for sure.