Tahi – Sky Highway

Tahi, aka the music project of Leah Randall, returns with ‘indie-pop meets alt-rock’ track ‘Sky Highway. Blending a youthful songwriter with mature songwriting, Tahi is bringing people together with their infectious music. No pun intended, ‘Tahi’ in English means ‘the act of coming together’, making this artist’s destiny written in the stars.

Honouring their name, Tahi inherits cultural background into their music, making ‘Sky Highway’ feel refreshing yet sticking to its roots. Releasing music since 2018, Tahi is known for their shoegaze aura, and exclusive sound of originality and the new single holds onto that with both hands.

Sydney born, Melbourne based Tahi creates a diverse sound of originality in ‘Sky Highway’, marking this their most eclectic piece of music yet. Showcasing an experimental side to Tahi, the new single is jam-packed with elegant melodies and indie rock sensibilities.

Prominently bathed in jangly guitar lines, the guitar feels a bit too loud in parts, taking parts of clarity from Tahi’s vocals away. Saying that, the guitar is reckless and showcases an alternative, youthful sound to Tahi’s music.

Fuelled with uplifting lyrics to go with its optimistic nature, ‘Sky Highway‘ is perceived as free-spirited, and an artist simply doing their thing.