Tamara Jenna – Still love me?

As much of a wall paper paste of a situation we’ve found ourselves in over the past few mon.. sorry, year. There have been those not just avoiding the sticky situation but embracing the time staying very clearly indoors.

‘Music production, promotion and video directing’ has been just some of the focus for this industrious young lady. 

Tamara Jenna, from the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham, has been working hard. Working with producer David Mccabe, her onus towards R and B has being gratified with the upcoming album ‘Pleasure from Pain’, alongside upcoming tracks moving more to the Hip-Hop and Grime styles on ‘Under Construction. The track ‘Still love me’, sits into a groove, very ‘TLC’ vibe, which is never a bad sway. Smooth keys, easy snare ride, choral over vocal with the chorus hook.

Dropping into strong minded, lyrical, rhymes. She wants you to know the track is a soliloquy of the war of ‘conflicting minds, nudging; relationships, being alone, loss, pride, strength’. If you want a track jog to on your own and feel like your full of your beans, you’ve got it.

This is a song of conflict, and the smooth to the abrasive is a theme of the song, and I’m sure as this young artists’ skills develop with the production of her music.

She will truly be able to show off the vocabulary and grasp of the world that she has. She has some tantalising faces due on her upcoming videos, and I’m sure that whatever else she’s doing it’s not wasting time. 

It can only get more experimental!