Tay Temple – Train

With a “mop of blonde hair and a blue guitar” – Tay Temple is a familiar face on the Manchester singer-songwriter circuit. Past releases ‘Millennials’ and ‘Ladybird’ quickly caught the attention of many including BBC Introducing. Now Temple and her band return with resonating new track ‘Train’.

A beautiful indie-folk-rock number – ‘Train’ explores the personal anxieties and solitude Tay initially felt leaving her hometown and moving to the bright lights of Manchester at just 16. Backed by an acoustic guitar and a punchy drumbeat throughout – the vocals manage to be soulful, mellow yet rich and husky. It’s melancholic and moody in sound, featuring some reverb-soaked and bluesy guitar licks which dance across the track.

At only the cusp of adulthood – this daunting major step into the big wide world is illustrated with real genuine sincerity. The never quite feeling settled, the back and forth of an almost nomadic lifestyle. There’s a sweet sadness to the lyrics which are a love letter to those back in the North East that Tay misses so dearly..

“Wait for me / I’ll be home before the train goes again”

But among a sense of isolation, there’s also the promise of her return. When “counting the days” is all you can do before running to catch that same train back to family and familiarity.

It’s definitely something many of us will have experienced in our lives and a feeling made even more pertinent due to the pandemic keeping loved ones apart.

Train’ is indeed an endearing and raw showcase of mixed emotions and it’s a journey I can relate to very well.