Tay Temple – What I Need

After an impressive February release with sentimental track ‘Train’, Manchester-based singer/songwriter Tay Temple is back with a powerful new offering – ‘What I Need’.

Much darker than her previous work, ‘What I Need’ is filled with hauntingly moody guitar licks that climb and weave through the track. Tay’s signature honeyed vocals are showcased as in ‘Ladybird’, ‘Millennials’ and the aforementioned ‘Train’ – yet this fourth release features a stronger sense of catharsis – especially in vocal performance and lyrical content.

“My hearts in flames / But I’m not ashamed / We all heal our own way”

Bluesy and melancholic in sound, yet beautifully empowering in its message – this song is one of self-discovery and reflection. Something that perhaps comes with age (the artist having recently turned 21). Putting yourself and your needs first is a learning curve for many – in friendships, relationships and life. And this realisation can set you on a road to healing, especially from past hurt and trauma.

Temple explores these growing pains of young adulthood throughout her writing which provides a profound and sincere connection with listeners.

An ode to finding your self-worth in whatever way that works for you. Not everyone will recover in the same way – but breaking free from toxic situations, standing up for yourself and drawing strength from that is not selfish – it’s what we all need.

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