Terry Blade, Chicago based R&B artist, takes us on an enchanting journey with his debut album, ‘American Descendant of Slavery’. From acoustic melodies to hard-hitting political raps, this album is nothing short of mesmerising.  

This 19-track album offers something for listeners of many different musical genres. From jazz, rap, spoken word, and retro soul, Blade really puts his everything into this beautifully fabricated piece of art.

Each and every track touches an emotional nerve, especially with the historical audio recordings of former African-American slaves in some of Blades interludes. ‘Same Gender Loving’ is a stand-out song on the album, the simple guitar arrangement allows the stunning vocals and unsparing lyrics to be pre-eminent.

During this time of civil unrest, political controversy, the black lives matter, and LGBTQ rights movements, this album completely stands out from the crowd. This isn’t just music, this is Terry Blade delivering his perspective on the current status of the Black American and pouring his heart out as a proud Black and LGBTQ identifying singer-songwriter. His rich low vocals are alluring as they effortlessly glide over raw, organic instrumentation. The perfect soundtrack for a range of settings, his chill anthems are simply oozing with originality and impossible to imitate.

I would usually compare artists and albums to others that we have heard before, however, Terry Blade is in his own category, as a whole, this album is incomparable to anything else, which is a massive compliment to Blade.

It is such a pleasure to be able to give my opinion on this compilation, I cannot recommend ‘American Descendant of Slavery’ highly enough. I strongly believe it needs to be heard and fully appreciated by a larger audience. I am very excited to hear what Terry Blade has in store for us next.