The 121s – Wired To The Moon

This new release from Scottish indie three piece The 121s fuses the old with the new, creating a track which draws you in with its captivating charm.

The mod influence is clear in Wired To The Moon, and there’s a certain seventies style that shines through in their sound, but it feels far from being a cheap tribute to the era. Instead, it shouts loud and proud of its influences, adding in their own little twists, and what you end up with is a track that stands perfectly strong on its own musical merit.

Through the first part of this piece, there is a piercing sense of what can only be called dread, built up by the ominous and unrelenting echo of bass and drums. The seemingly well-earned self-confidence to allow the track to build and build, not just launch constantly launch into the chorus’ and big riffs is admirable, and gives the track real energy as it progresses. It’s through this that they avoid where many mod revival bands fail and gain a ‘cheap imitation’ sound. Not here. This is a perfectly structured, well-written song.

The one thing that leaves a sour taste in the mouth with Wired To The Moon is that up to yet we’ve not been able to see it live. The rumble of the drums. The building of the riffs.

The croaky, piercing vocals. It all feels wonderfully set up to be part of a strong live set, and I wholeheartedly recommend you go and do just that as soon as you get the chance. For now though you’ll have to settle for the track alone, which you can hear below.