We review the new single from The Assist – It’s Just a dream away.

On their latest single ‘It’s Just A Dream Away’, The Assist take their fantastical indie-pop style to anthemic new heights. It’s a wall of noise that’s tailor-made for the big stage, and the young band show no signs of diverting from their upward trajectory.

Frontman Mikey Stanton’s voice is the perfect combination of exceptional singing talent and that cheeky and down-to-earth Brummie accent shining through, and he’s backed up by a sprawling soundscape that makes this track massive.

The winding bassline is straight out of early 90s Manchester, as are the warped guitars that give ‘It’s Just A Dream Away’ that sweet smell of nostalgia that makes a big contribution to the dreamlike quality that The Assist tend to go for.

The track is packed full of hope, both in its lyrics and its vibe, and it’s that joy and positivity in The Assist’s tunes that has seen them go from strength to strength in such a short space of time.

The only blot on ‘It’s Just A Dream Away’ is a couple of dodgy moments in the mix, particularly the song’s very jumpy start, which are a bit of a shame but likely won’t be a long-term problem as the band get more and more professional with every new release.

‘It’s Just A Dream Away’ is the perfect springboard for The Assist to throw themselves at the festival season with everything they’ve got, and all the signs are there that they’ll continue to keep turning heads in the next few months.