The Avenues – Moving Car

Upbeat, bright, and bouncy is the quickest way I can describe this new single from Hull-based band The Avenues. Impressively, you can actually imagine holding your head out of a moving car with this one blasting out the speakers. It seems this tune was written with exactly this in mind.

Fit with a fast-paced rhythm and intricate bassline, it goes hand in hand with the playful and intelligent lyrics that line the track. This talented lyricism is perfectly captured in the line ‘broken heartbeats make excellent drum fills’. The Avenues clearly have a cheek about them, and they carry it with conviction.

The group are yet another who chose their time in lockdown to work out what exactly they wanted to produce. Self-described as a ramshackle indie-pop group, it seems they really want to show off what they can do and why they should be regarded as ones to watch.

Moving Car’ isn’t the first sign of their ascent either. It follows their previous single ‘Part Of The Problem’, as well as their 2020 debut EP ‘What Happened In The Pink Room?’ and a handful of other singles. 

Like many, The Avenues were stopped in their tracks by COVID. Having (hopefully) got through the worst times, it seems like they won’t let anything get in their way now. Their music has a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sound that can’t be ignored. It’ll get your foot tapping and your head bopping.

The Avenues are showing promising signs for a great band in the making. If I were you, I’d remember their name.