The Avenues – Part of the Problem

Hull-based four-piece The Avenues contribute their latest single ‘Part of the Problem’ to the world of never-ending noughties-inspired, male-fronted indie rock.

Explaining the track’s inspiration, the band tells us ‘Part of the Problem’, “relates to the burnout and growing apathy due to being overwhelmed constantly with the world’s problems all over your news feed every day, and the guilt for feeling those things.”.

The Avenues project their apathetic emotions through rhythmically condensed, overdriven guitar chords, which lead the way to a 4/4, four-chord trick with your standard instrumentation of any other guitar band. The track is structurally very basic, opting for customary placements of verses, choruses, a quick guitar solo to break it up in the latter half etc, etc.

Not even reaching three minutes in duration, it feels as if the band have followed the blueprints of the type of song you’ve heard from every other support act at down at your local. It’s played to a decent standard, but you already know the song inside and out, easily predicting the linear nature it which it travels. Even the obligatory guitar solo falls victim to the track’s lazy song writing, lasting a mere ten seconds and melodically restricting itself to one octave.

Part of the Problem’ is your absolute bang average, stereotypical ‘indie-rock’ track you’d expect from a bunch of white dudes in their twenties. Yes, of course the music is performed well, but the simplicity and easy approach to the song writing just feels undeniably mundane for 2021. It’s time to leave the influence of the noughties in the past because it’s not making a comeback any time soon, and in a music scene so overrun by the same old stylistic choices I don’t see where the desire to sound like the second coming of the Wombats stems from.