The Barratts – Lights Out in London.

This great track teases us by starting out with an upbeat intro with a lounge vibe crossed with classic indie rock , filled with a slightly distorted sound reminiscent of garage music.

The smooth lounge only stays for a few moments until the track moves into overdrive, with a quick dreamy guitar that springs about the place with glee.

Meanwhile the drums keep up a fast rhythm with a slightly muted percussion which gives much more priority to the vocal and guitar delivery, acting more as a supporting part of the song that gives it structure rather than the meat and potatoes of the song.

The lyrical content is a great testament to the classic British night out as well as the day to day of the country, reminiscing about various locations across the UK. Well theres worry in Wolverhampton, mines in Milton Keynesand Sunburned necks and fitting specs, it feels so claustrophobic, its tongue in cheek, and fits the theme to a tee.

With lyrics like these from The Barratts  theres an appropriately British vocal delivery to go along with it. An accented and slightly mumbling vocal delivery feeds into the authenticity of the track. It gives the song its lifeblood and stitches everything together into a full bodied track that is relatable and speaks to the British way of life perfectly.

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