We review the new single from The Battery Farm – Maggot Line

Manchester’s, The Battery Farm present to us their explosive punk track ‘Maggot Line’ that is full of classic punk sounds with modern attitudes.

Imagine if you put together Fugazi and PIL, you would have The Battery Farm. Maggot Line is fast and punchy with its lyrical themes tackling climate change and economic division in today’s society.

The brandishing of fast chords and a chorus of vocals sound like a melodic direction of 80’s punk with some doom and gloom notes blemished over it.

The repeated lines of ‘We’re all gonna die (and it’s all our fault)’ and ‘dying like maggots on the maggot line’ set the impact of realism of today’s world in a cheesy punk way, with those pounding drum beats hitting home the message. If you like punk with attitude and actually fights for injustices, then The Battery Farm might be what you’ve been looking for.

As a lot of bands are turning in a post-punk direction, however, The Battery Farm capture a vintage sound that can still have an immediate impact in today’s music scene. One of the most immersive two-minute experiences you’ll have this year.