The Battery Farm – When The Whip Goes Crack

The Battery farm first caught my attention when I reviewed their track Maggot Line last year which left me impressed with their punk attitudes. They’re now back with more teeth than on a shark on their latest single ‘When The Whip Goes Crack‘.

The Manchester group whose inspiration comes from a mixture of gutter punk and post punk display moody verses that burst into gritty and distorted choruses. The vocals are a lot more aggressive this time around and feels like the group are trying to bite through steel… and succeeding.

The vocals are an admirable contribution to the overall sound of the group as they adapt to the many styles The Battery Farm have. When the song explodes it feels as if you’ve been cracked with a whip and the bridge is consumed by unclean yelling that is so uncomfortably but yet fills you with distasteful energy.

The guitars are huge with dirty tones providing a wall of noise and are built up by the powerful drumming. It’s a much more rock-orientated effort from the group, but not without their fiery punk attitudes.

You can catch The Battery Farm and their explosive sound at RGM’s Tramlines Fringe stage, 23rd July at The Frog & Parrot (Sheffield) and Gullivers in Manchester on the 16th October Tickets HERE