The Best 10 Student Bands from Manchester in 2021

Too often does the scene of small bands go unappreciated, and it’s a scene that people should talk about more. Only when you seek out and immerse yourself in what’s going on beneath the big hits and the charts do you start to discover some amazing bands. The student scene of Manchester is one of vibrancy and excitement. Every week you could find your new favourite band.

Here’s a list of 10 of the most exciting student bands based in Manchester.

Slap Rash

Well established in the Manchester scene, Slap Rash are a sibling duo of Amelia and Huw. The pair will entice you with their heavy-hitting fills and carefully constructed dynamics. Working their way from venue to venue across the city, their latest single ‘Holy Smoke’ will show you exactly why they are in this list.

Tigers & Flies

Tigers & Flies are a band which can only be described as refreshing. Their mix of indie with a twist of brass makes for a sound that will make you want to see them again and again. Every song they release never fails to have spirit, and you can listen to their fresh new debut album ‘Among Everything Else’ now.

Furrowed Brow

Perhaps you might have seen the name Furrowed Brow on a poster or sticker spotted somewhere around Manchester city centre. Vocalist Richie is a commander of the live stage, and you won’t be able to turn your eyes away from their performances. You’ll undoubtedly be able to catch them captivating audiences more and more in the future. 


It could be argued that DEAFDEAFDEAF aren’t really in the student scene, because they’ve climbed the ladder of the music world to start to make a name for themselves across the country and as far as the Netherlands. With their single ‘Nothingness’ amassing over 270,000 streams on Spotify, they’re certainly making a name for themselves. However, every now and again they’ll pop up to show off their dark, lurking sound that has served them so well.

King Violet

Alt-rock all girl band King Violet not only maintain a solid presence in the Manchester scene, but have built up a presence across the country, from Leeds, to Nottingham, to their hometown of St Albans. Bringing a harmonious instrumental balance to their music, King Violet’s fanbase is growing and I suspect it’ll only get bigger.


If you want a band that makes a lot of noise then DUVET are the band you need. Describing themselves as ‘crazy ladies from the North West’, their thrashing guitar music will leave you without a minute to catch your breath. Whilst their single ‘Running Around In Circles’ has a strikingly indie sound, their energetic live shows are a completely different level of pace and volume.

Harpans Kraft

Another well established band, you’ll catch Harpans Kraft on gig line ups more often than not. Their churning, turning guitar music has proved to be popular, and they’re starting to play some bigger venues (including supporting Document along with DEAFDEAFDEAF in the Yes Pink Room in December). I can’t quite remember the reason behind their name, but I’m sure you can ask them if you feel like checking them out.

The Red Stains

An eclectic combination of synth pop and electronic rock, The Red Stains are a force of nature when it comes to live performances. Masters of not taking things too seriously, their persuasive stage presence and compelling lyrics are something not to be missed.

King Mob

A band that make success of the wave of so much of the great indie guitar music that has come out of Manchester, King Mob’s infatuated and catchy lyrics that lie over short and fast instrumentation make for a band that’ll make you want to keep on dancing. King Mob have done plenty of gigs this year, recently headlining a sold out show at Manchester’s famous Aatma, and I’m sure we’ll see them doing a lot more next year.


A fairly new band to the Manchester scene, Odyssea are an alternative/funk band that emanate a sense of enthusiasm and originality through their music. To my knowledge they haven’t released any music yet, having only played their debut gig back in October of this year. But they are already beginning to create a buzz about their name, and I’d definitely keep my eye on them in 2022.

I encourage you to check out all these amazing bands, and let us know who you would add to our list!