2022 has really seen the rise of some great new bands in the Manchester music scene and I’ve had the pleasure of working with quite a few of them myself. In my list I’ve included everything from new music that I’ve been listening to a lot, to live shows I’ve seen this year from local bands that have really impressed me. These bands are all really worth checking out, huge recommendation for all of them!

Supera Morza – Starting off my list of Manchester bands who I think have really been smashing it in 2022, we have the grungy 4-piece. A band who burst onto the scene initially in 2021 with their debut single ‘Scrubber’, these lads write proper rebellious, guitar driven tracks that I just love. 

Spangled – I’ve only recently discovered these guys and their ferocious music but they’re really a band that catch your ear as soon as you hit play and keep you hooked for the whole song with pure intrigue. My personal favourite song from Spangled, ‘CHARLIE HILLS’, is everything that any rock song should be. Properly in your face noisy music, but also performed really cleanly which is remarkable.

PAVE – Probably one of the grittiest and most in your face bands that I’ve seen this year and honestly since I’ve been in Manchester. The whole band on stage together is such an experience and one that if you haven’t seen already you should definitely try and see next year. The band released their debut EP this year and played on some incredible shows including a support slot at academy 3 with The Hara! 

The Recreation – I saw The Recreation in the summer at their hometown headline in Oldham and honestly, that was probably one of my favourite gigs I’ve been to all year. An outside show with all the atmosphere that it’d have inside, the lads have some mega catchy indie tunes in their set and a personal favourite of mine which I believe everybody needs to see is their cover of ‘Reach Out (I’ll Be There)’ by Four Tops. Just insane. 

Loose Articles – I never have words to describe this incredible band, the only words I have for these quite powerful women is that they simply just are the definition of proper northern, modern punk music for me. Not a band I’ve had a chance to see live but one I’ll definitely be going to see in the new year. I’m not normally a huge fan of punk music but when I was pointed in the direction of Loose Articles earlier this year I was quite simply blown away. 

Minerva Daisy – Coming off the back of an incredible year Minerva Daisy is definitely one of the big up-and-coming powerhouses coming out of Manchester which I think people should watch out for. What a set of vocal pipes! Really snazzy, groovy music and Minerva is probably one of the most hard-working people I’ve met during my time working in the Manchester scene. Hard work and raw talent will normally pay off in time so I’ll be looking forward to seeing where Minerva ends up in the near future. 

Rosellas – Now these boys did really give me my favourite show of the year. I’ve come across the Rosellas quite a lot this year with people recommending them to me and the fact they work out of the same studio as me. So, when I was asked if i wanted to go and see the lads at the Bread Shed recently I snapped up the chance. Such a great, great band and it’s so easy to see why they’re doing so well. Having just sold out their biggest hometown headline ever which takes place in March at Academy 3, the boys have what looks to be another great year ahead of them. ‘Sometimes Always’ has become one of my favourite songs since seeing these guys! 

Strawberry Lemonade – A band which I’ve only really discovered recently and just through hearing their name relentlessly from a few friends in the local scene. These guys have a real nack for writing bouncy and gritty tunes that make you want to bounce up and down because of the sheer delight which your ears are experiencing. Another band which I’m determined to see next year! 

Pyncher – I’ve now seen them live twice and both times they have absolutely outdone themselves on stage. It’s almost like seeing a drama show at times, the band members just look like they’re so in tune with their instruments (pun intended) and it makes watching them so believable because of the way they carry themselves during their performances. 

Vala – These guys write some incredibly catchy indie-pop music, some of the best I’ve heard from any upcoming band. It’s a genre that can be quite hard to get right and these guys absolutely nail it. They’ve had some great radio play on national stations and played 2 sold out headline shows this year and it is very clear to see why these boys are doing so well at the moment. Writing high quality music and just nailing it. Although Vala have been my last pick they’re certainly not the ‘least’ in any sense of the word. A really great band.

There we have it, some mint bands to listen to! I feel almost obliged to shout my own band Green Wire in this and attach our music below too, cheeky extra for you all but what a year it’s been for music. Let’s hope for more of the same in 2023!