The Book Club release their new single – Pursuit of Happiness

Manchester duo The Book Club teach us to stop chasing and start living with their latest release ‘Pursuit of Happiness’.

Following up from last year’s debut single ‘Flowers Grow’ – Jake Hilton and Emily Price, who first met as young teenagers, return with a beautifully uplifting indie-pop track.

Running just 2 minutes 45 seconds in length, ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ packs a refreshing punch in a short space of time. From the opening background noise of a party, to the tangible click of pressing play on a Walkman – we’re sonically transported into the dreamy bedroom-pop world of The Book Club.  

An upbeat tune laced with melancholic melodies – the layered guitars are backed with a peppy drumbeat and bassline. The song harnesses a certain ethereal euphoria to its sound particularly guided by the heavenly vocals of classically-trained singer Em which sweep and soar across the track.
“Your lips come closer and whisper in my ear / Let’s stay forever in this moment”

But despite its dreamlike quality, there’s a darker and deeper edge. Lyrically it explores the never-ending search for ‘happiness’ and how that can lead to a toxic outcome. Whereas, learning to live in the moment allows us to truly see what we already have. Commenting on the song’s theme, Em wrote on the band’s socials “The Pursuit of Happiness is pointless if you never stop to notice that you have already made it.” And that’s exactly what this track captures.

There’s also a poignant spoken word part around the 2 minute mark where the elements of this realisation are recited. We’re reminded that even in difficult times, if you look around you, there are people and opportunities to guide you through.

Ending with the winding down of the tape before the background chatter returns once more – ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ is short, sweet and stirring. A pure indie-pop earworm you’ll have on repeat.

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