The brand new single from The Last Clouds – Black Hole Lives, good work!

Pounding synths and melancholy moods capture the raw emotion in British society in the new single, Black Hole Lives by The Last Clouds.

The Cheshire-based group balances together heavy bass and drums with delicate pianos and engorging synths. Over that, we have the mature yet heartfelt vocals that tell of experienced feelings.

The skittish drumming patterns give a sense of dysfunction and the echoing synths make you feel remorse. The vocals pick up in the pre-chorus and build up almost like an Imagine Dragons song, but much more respectable and less shouty.

The synth cuts create an atmospheric aura before exploding into a much more punchy bridge with a chaotic amount of synths playing over each other.

This is the second release from the band’s upcoming debut album that looks to cover British life and the chaotic and almost depressing recent years we’ve had have been captured here. The deep and sombre vocals met with the powerful beats and emotional synths are a breath of fresh air in the dance and electronic community.

Catch them in Manchester at RGM Live on the 25th September HERE