The Breakdown – The Girl in the Mondrain Dress

London based rock-band ‘The Breakdown’ has provided us with a sweet taste of everything with their latest single ‘The Girl in the Mondrian Dress’; whether that be 80’s permeated vocals or 00’s piquant guitar riffs, there is something for everyone within this debut dish of uniqueness.

As tasteful as the title itself, the opening of this track certainly has the power to tickle your taste buds. Coming in at full swing, the first thing to bless your ears is the fierce strikes omitted from the electric guitar. And then swiftly followed by the bellowing thuds of percussion, it is not long before a rockstar infused melody is served up before you. Likewise, the baseline ripples through each note and each beat, instantly providing your body with an excuse to get up and move. It is a confident start for a band who have never released music before, and I must admit, it’s very promising.

As the track quickly escalates, you are welcomed by the throw-back vocals, which sound as though they were made for Top of the Pops. They are husky, some would say messy, but at the same time, genuinely cool. Omitting each word like a walk in the park, the effortless delivery really drives the track upwards.

The electric drive first heard at the start of the track only continues to cook from there. Growing in fieriness and stubbornness as the seconds pass by, your heart will be in flutters as you try to keep up with the juicy beats. So, hats off to ‘The Breakdown’ because creating such an anthemic first piece, is something to celebrate.

It is always refreshing hearing a new band for the first time that omits nothing but confidence and energy. As I have always said, if you feel confident, your listeners will too. And for that, ‘The Girl in the Mondrian Dress’ will certainly be a hit.