The Brookes ​: Spaceship Rodeo

The Brookes are gonna be big. There’s something unique about this track that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s definitely there. I can’t get it out of my head, but I want to keep going back to listen for anything I’ve missed. 

Spaceship Rodeo is the best thing to come out of Grimsby for a while. The Brookes, for that matter, are exactly the same. They offer something different for fans of indie, alt-rock, and pop, all the while delivering and standing their own brand of almost goth-infused synth-laden riffy goodness.

You might mistake The Brookes as a “Jack of all Trades // Master of None” band because they don’t appear to quite fit into a pre-ascribed niche. You’d be wrong. Instead, they’re way over there, just out of sight and ploughing their way onto line-ups of all shapes and sizes. 

The song itself is my favourite release they’ve ever done, and I can see my opinion being shared by fans of the band. It’s unbelievably memorable, diving into a world of space-age soundscapes kept in check by driving indie goodness – fucking hell it’s so atmospheric and feel good. Vocally, it’s a genuinely interesting performance (in a good way); it reminded me a bit of Matty Healy, album three, but with an obvious raw edge to it that takes it away from the pop domain and fully cements it in and amongst a brit-rock/alt-rock scene.

This song’s got a bit of everything is what I’m trying to say, and it excels in all of them. Christ, even the production on it is fantastic. 

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