The Buzz Kills – 21st Century Mayhem

Hailing from the bottom of the world, two-piece, The Buzz Kills provide anthemic choruses in their latest track 21st Century Mayhem.

The Tasmanian group has written a track that encompasses the frustrations of the last year such as lockdown, media brainwashing, and government control.

The track features continuous changes giving flare to the title and has some powerful vocals from singer Natalie.

The press release for the track described 21st Century Mayhem as having a “chorus chant that sticks in your head”, but I have to say ‘whoaaa-whoaaa’ lost its appeal a long time ago. It feels like a wasted use of a chorus.

Whilst the production on the track is crisp, the sample of what can only be described as that record scratch from House Of Pain’s Jump Around feels really uncomfortable in the verses.

The chorus and bridge are an explosion of noise with distorted guitars and provide an anthemic vibe to the track. It has an edge and attitude, but perhaps a little too much where I find it hard to relate to. The guitar descending guitar riffs and prolonged vocals give the track a spark in the bridge, but heading back into the excessive chorus I’ve had enough.

Whilst there are no complaints to the recording of the instrumentation and vocal quality or furthermore the overall production, as a track, it feels quite lacking and if anything lazy due to relying heavily on its attitudes.