The C33s – Manic Depression

Manic Depression can often feel chaotic and loud, this sensation is perfectly captured in The C33s’ newest song. Despite the audio mayhem, the song is well structured and communicates a feeling of energy and power. I think what’s most impressive about Manic Depression is how each third of the track has its own distinct vibe; the opening being slow and methodical whilst the climax is an explosion of energy, the middle segment carrying you from one spot to another with an impeccable ease.

The work on both lead and backing vocals is also a huge part of the appeal. The lead vocals hit with distinct bluntness, whilst the backing track is more shrill, I find it’s this contrast that makes certain parts stand out.

You might miss it on your first listen for how seamless it is, but the build-up of tempo can be detected in the vocals. Most of the vocals are bridged by a guitar solo but the song definitely builds up a sensation early on, which only adds to the satisfaction of the climax. When you reach the point where you realise how fast the song’s become, it’s too late and you’re already hooked.

I think the fact that you can listen to Manic Depression as both a song that blasts its listener with unwavering chaos and one that conveys an orderly, upbeat style is what makes its title so well deserved.