The C33s – Resurrection Men

The C33s have been a name bandied around by those London hipsters we kinda put up with cos sometimes (not often) they speak some sense. At least they do when they taken their nose out of their sherbet bags to draw a breath.

But, but, but, this time the hipsters have gotten it just right. The C33s are doing it right on ‘Resurrection Men’ Channelling John Lydon but with 20% more angle to their jangle.

Punky John would have never stood for a tune this catchy we think.

But did he really stand for anything? We dunno. Anyway, lets not fall down some punk wormhole we’ll never get out of.

Ghoul rock for the masses, The C33s have been taking all the right classes. Catch them live at Off The Record in Manchester on 15th Nov or Iggy Pop will chin ya.