The Cavs – Man In The Suit

Switching the downbeat for the fast-paced – whilst retaining their signature cynical outlook – The Cavs demand our attention with new tune ‘Man In The Suit’.  

After the soft and emotional sound of their previous offering – last year’s ‘Round The Town I Was Born’ – the Manchester five-piece turn up the pessimism (and the volume) on this latest single.

Beginning with a gloomy flare of feedback – beat-heavy drums kick in before bitingly sharp guitar riffs are introduced. Frontman Elliot Craven’s vocals are delivered with a sense of urgency and a strong indie-rock flavour.

Lyrically, it’s a comment on control in today’s society. Whether it be the government, big business or purely those in authority – there’s an air of distrust and suspicion.
“Don’t believe in everything they tell you / Don’t believe in everything they say”

Strikingly upbeat despite its cynicism – ‘Man In The Suit’ feels almost like a battle cry, a call to arms and a sobering realisation that our lives are being restricted by those figures ‘at the top’. There’s a definite taste of Libertines and Kasabian in there with the attitude.
“Everything that we do, we’ll be living and be breathing for the man in the suit”

Layered backing vocals echo and build as menacing guitars rage on. It’s boldly assertive and aggressively refreshing – not to mention the growth it demonstrates for the band. The Cavs aren’t messing about and I trust them on this one.