The Cavs – Round the Town I was Born

With a downbeat sound, and lyrics full of cynical observations, The Cavs put together a strong track that’s surprisingly powerful. 

Starting off with an incredibly depressed feel that drags down the mood to an appropriate place for the subjects being discussed. With a moody feel set to a dark atmospheric sound, the idea of a rougher part of town permeates the mind as the lyrical matter fills in the blanks. Painting pictures of the people populating this metaphorical place, which are more than likely based on very real experiences. 

Whilst very appropriately titled, the power of the song really hits home in the second half. Detailing that the song is actually detailing how the singer doesn’t want to see someone round the town they were born.

Whether it’s a warning to a loved one to stay away, or a threat to a darker presence looming over the town is unclear. The ambiguity provides an interesting layer to the final lyrics of the song, letting the listener draw their own opinion. Coupled with the dark stories of the people who’s lives have already been ruined makes for a strong statement indeed. 

The downbeat tune also ramps up to a strong solo, one that fills the air rapidly with a powerful style that’s in keeping with the rest of the atmospheric chords and beats. 

Being a dark rock track that’s open to interpretation, The Cavs put in a fantastic effort that displays a strong understanding of how to make an interesting track. One that’s not just the typical love song, and one that has no single definitive message, but absolutely one that packs a punch.