The Clatterways : Trinity Street Demos

In a world where bands like IDLES, FontainesD.C., The Murder Capital and more are revisiting and reinventing what this so-called ‘punk’ can really be in 2019, The Clatterways EP of demos feels dated and forced.

I’m usually a massive fan of some good old fashioned, balls to the wall punk tunes, and when a band I’ve never heard of drops into my inbox with exactly that labelled on the box it’s always a good feeling. Unfortunately, there’s very little about the six ‘Trinity Street Demos’ that jump out of me, and when something does it feels like it’s because I’ve heard it before, either from another band or from another song on this EP.

It gets a tad repetitive after a while, and I know you could tell me ‘Matt, punk is never going to be as dynamic as other genres’, but frankly that’s not what punk is to me. Punk can be expansive, exhilarating, ride the highest of highs and then bring you back to the ground with a gut-punch of vulnerability. I WANT THAT FROM A PUNK RELEASE.

I thought I felt it a little with The Clatterways 5th track ‘The Streets’, which is definitely the stand out from the release, but after a first full listen through I’m not massively sold across the board. It feels as though it’s a release that has played to the stereotypes of what people would think punk used to be, and that’s easy. Showing the world what punk could be, now that’s the challenge!