WE REVIEW THE NEW SINGLE FROM The Covasettes – It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds

After releasing a string of hit singles over the past two years, The Covasettes have just dropped their first EP.

Entitled “It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds”, the indie rock quartet are brightening up our summer with their charismatic music. Manchester based and creating a good amount of momentum behind them, The Covasettes have previously been featured on RGM and they just keep escalating higher and higher. There’s definitely a buzz from Manchester at the moment and hearing this band with the debut EP just proves that the talent from the area is off the chart. Featuring a fun loving artwork, the sound the collective have created just showcases the colourful atmosphere their music shows.

Straight to number one, “Twit Twoo” is a track that you’d show your friends to introduce The Covasettes to them. “I would like to get to know you” is a repetitive lyric throughout the chorus and highlights a comfortable aura from the get-go. It’s the type of song you’d listen to by the side of a pool with a juicy cocktail. Fitting in the summer weather, the guitar-driven indie-pop number complements the quartet’s musical vision with great ease.

“You & I” succumbs more to the pop world then Twit Twoo took us. Still keeping a strong element of a brightly coloured spectrum, glitter shines off the arrangement with purity. Production so far on the EP has been utterly wonderful.

“Let’s Go” features The Covasettes in a more rock based arrangement. With a warm guitar tone, the summer vibe of the EP sticks straight through to the finish. Showing the band at their peak, it’s songwriting at it’s best. Jumping onto the ever growing indie rock scene, this band will be right at the top of the list in no time. Last track, “Fine Lines” closes the EP with a polished vibe. A drive time song that will put a big, fat grin on your face. Destined for greatness, their future looks to be a walk in the park. Digging the production and the whole musicianship on the record, it’s old school filled with nostalgic but has a refreshing taste to it’s core. Walking away from this EP wanting more? Check out The Covasettes previously released singles, they’re fire!