Sit back and enjoy this one. The Covasettes have once again proven why they are the business when it comes to up-and-coming Indie. ‘Like You shows off the best of this Manchester based quartet, and all I can see from here is more success. On the back of this, it’d be deserved.

Like You’ makes a gentle entrance into your ears, as Chris Buxton and his acoustic guitar welcomes you into single number 5. There’s almost a choral atmosphere that builds with the introduction of these warming, supportive harmonies, and then with the flick of a switch and the click of drumsticks we’re thrown into what The Covasettes do best.

I’m sitting here, mid-February in Leeds, and with ‘Like You’ in my headphones the sun won’t budge out of a clear-blue sky that wouldn’t look out of place in June. It’s 14 degrees as well – I think The Covasettes are responsible.

Structurally, this song tells a story. Mirroring the introduction with the ending is brilliant, cushioning yet another slice of indie goodness with a vulnerability that is a welcome addition to The Covasettes’ song-writing repertoire. Don’t get me wrong,

I’ve always been a big fan of what The Covasettes have done over the past two years or so. By building their fan-base one song at a time, drawing in new faces from around the UK with each soon-to-be-hit that’s emerged from their back-catalogue, The Covasettes are now well and truly here. ‘Like You’ is their stand-out release so far, and with a B-side that stands up to scrutiny as well, 2019 just got a whole lot bigger from Manchester’s new Indie darlings.