WE REVIEW The Covasettes – Live at the Lending Room, Leeds

The Covasettes have just finished a UK tour that took them Portsmouth to Newcastle in support of their fantastic debut EP ‘It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds’, and on a grey Wednesday night I headed down to Lending Room in Leeds to see what all the fuss is about.

In the ever-growing, and ever more difficult to define genre of ‘indie’, it’s becoming more and more challenging for emerging bands to stand out as the cream of the crop. I genuinely believe that The Covasettes are one of those who somehow appear to do it with ease. No doubt, the work going on behind the scenes, the hours of home producing, the countless emails, and the writing and practice sessions that have gone into making this band what it is over the past three years must have been religiously worked on and crafted. The point is, from what I saw last night, there’s very, very little you could challenge The Covasettes on. 

Whether it be a new track off the EP like set-opener ‘Twit Twoo’ or one of their earlier singles like the fantastic ‘This Feeling’, The Covasettes have the whole room singing back to them for almost the full 40 minutes they were on stage. Not even light failure halfway through the set could knock them, with the acoustic ‘She Is’ made all the more atmospheric by the forty or fifty torches held high in the crowd, illuminating the band. Stand out track though is a brand new one: ‘Be Mine’.

Having only started playing this song on their current tour, its third outing has got me very excited about what’s coming next; maybe a darker and slightly more brooding Covasettes is on the cards?

Evolution in the indie world is vital, and it seems as though The Covasettes have been gradually doing this with every release, not settling on the same formula every time, and genuinely trying to be unique and interesting in a scene that at times can be very rigid. 

With such a polished and well-executed live show behind them at every gig, vocals that never fail to be on it, and an engaging attitude to playing live, I find it difficult to believe that more and more people aren’t going to be hearing of these four in the near future. Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled, or you might just miss out on something special.