The Creature Comfort- Highway 7

The Creature Comfort are experienced so its no surprise that their latest single ‘Highway 7’ is a great track with catchy guitar riffs throughout. The song really lives up to its name as you can imagine the song playing as your driving up a long open road in a classic American muscle car.

It starts off with a great rolling riff and drumbeat to get you in the mood and get you pumped. Then the vocals come in and you are instantly taken to the driver’s seat ready to enjoy the rest of the song.

The way the song is built up shows the skill that The Creature Comfort have developed in their time as a band. There is a lot going on with the bass, riffs, drums and vocals but not one of them feels overpowered. The way they switch pace is time right and really adds to the driving feel of the song as though they are shifting through the gears.

‘Highway 7’ is a great song that will leave you feeling pumped and ready to take on what ever comes your way. It clearly demonstrates the talent that The Creature Comforts have and is well worth a listen. It’ll have you wanting to jump in your car and go for a ride while you blast ‘Highway 7’ out loud.