The Crooked – Empathy

Following the release of their EP, First Place Silver, Canadian trio The Crooked are successfully grown to be one of Toronto’s well-built rock bands despite, despite only being established for around two and a half years. The album is the band’s follow up to their debut EP, The Shoebox Sessions, released in early 2018. The band, consisting of frontman and guitarist J.C. Sandoval – formerly of Die Mannequin – bassist Russ Shipman, lead guitarist Neelesh V, and drummer Dell Orso, are notably strong considering they’re still in quite early days, on this distinguishable, well-crafted record

One of my particular favourites on the record is “Empathy”, which is the second track whereby the pace slows down and dynamics are shifted – in comparison to the first track on the EP. As it begins playing, we’re deceived into thinking that it’s the ballad of the album; the slow-tempo, breezy one…until the vocals in the track take over, and effectively dominate it, with a series of rockin’ riffs being launched into their musical stratosphere, eventually leading to the harcore, 90s-rock reminiscent chorus. 

It’s a track which will get your head noddin’ and body swayin’ in no time! These lads show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.