The Crooks – I Wonder

Festival season is fast approaching and, with the hope of a summer of freedom, artists will be chomping at the bit to get out in front of the big crowds come rain or shine. This makes it the perfect time to release a new track for festival-goers to belt along to, so this is exactly what The Crooks have done.

Combining a catchy chord progression with some longing vocals and a bassline with a groove, it seems like the Chesterfield five-piece have given their all to produce a classic indie banger.

They’ve not done a bad job either. ‘I Wonder’ has all the criteria you’d expect of a sing-a-long indie tune. The cutting, treble-fuelled guitar, and fast-paced percussion only emphasise this.

For those fans who are interested in the deeper meaning behind the song, the band said it’s about ‘breaking the shackles of a worldwide pandemic… Realising how life was, while also looking forward to how life can be, the ultimate lesson is, be free.’. At this point, I think a lot of us are probably tired of hearing about the pandemic. There has been a wave of music that has used it as a focus for songwriting and I think it’s time we start singing about something else.

What The Crooks have done well is bring an anthemic quality to the tune. Adding this huge amount of feeling helps separate the track from any old indie song that you could find from a lot of artists. Their sights appear to be set on sending a wave of euphoria across the big festival crowds.

If you’re excited by the prospect of this song then don’t worry, from the 4th June you can give it a listen.

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