The Crooks – In Time

Newly-signed The Crooks’ debut single ‘In Time’ is a serious statement of intent from a young band. The quality of this track slaps you across the face from the off- it’s beautifully put together and features some really high-level musicianship.

In Time’ is a sprawling, epic anthem that counterbalances moments of quiet acoustic-backed thoughtfulness with huge walls of sound and wailing electric guitar. It’s the sort of track that fills you up with a rush of emotion.

The standard of the production on ‘In Time’ really stands out- the sound quality is genuinely better than what most seasoned pros come out with. This allows The Crooks’ composition to be the best it possibly can be, providing us with something which is awe-inspiring.

‘In Time’ has a really neat theme, with ongoing references to clocks in the lyrics which gives the track a strong narrative, providing a solid foundation from which the music itself can be enjoyed to the fullest. The vocals only add to the huge emotion of the track, particularly in the verses- where they have something of a Kelly Jones-esque feel to them.

The Crooks have come out with an absolute haymaker of a track here- and you’ve got rocks in your head if ‘In Time’ doesn’t make you sit up and listen over and over again. If this song is a sign of bigger things to come, then we’re in for a treat in the near future.