With lockdown restrictions easing nationwide, there was a naïve hope amongst some of us that people may get off social media and go outside. But 2022 has proven social media to maintain a gravitational pull over the population. And the consequences of this range from the remarkable to the ridiculous.

So as the year draws to a close, it’s time to celebrate some of the daftest social media posts the year has offered. There are a few ways to define daft. It would be easy to list a series of downright bonkers things people have posted. So instead, I’ll try to cover the various shades of daft that clog our feeds, for better or worse. As such, we begin with what I’ll refer to as the ‘daft but in a genius way’ post.

Eminem’s induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The perennially contested list of those inducted into Cleveland’s prestigious ranks always throws up a social media post or two. This year’s inductees featured Eminem, one of only a handful of rappers ever to make the list. It was a significant moment for both the artist and the institution.

Some will debate whether his inclusion is justified, others could point to those who they consider more deserving, but it cannot be argued that Eminem’s celebratory tweet was as wonderfully daft as they come. We could sit here and analyse the reasons behind this image existing, but it may be more fun just to enjoy it.

Drake Responds to Criticism

Our second type of daft is the misguided kind. Drizzy’s seventh studio album was surprise-released this June to a lukewarm reception. The tentatively titled Honestly, Nevermind, wasn’t Drake’s finest hour. Its nadir was ‘Currents’, with a beat composed partially of squeaking bedsprings, a feature The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis beautifully described as ‘spectacularly annoying’.

But Drake believes that any negativity is symptomatic purely of him being so brilliant that the rest of us are simply yet to catch up with him.

He addresses people’s criticisms in a video posted to Instagram. Given the album’s change of sonic direction – the rapper shifted towards a more house-inspired sound – it appears that Drake thinks he’s actually ahead of the curve and that those of us who found the album tedious to an almost nauseous extent are mere fools. It’s a bizarre and daft standpoint for a number of reasons. House-inspired hip-hop isn’t new. Drake himself has delved into the style with previous releases. So what curve does Drake think he’s ahead of?

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s Assiduousness  

Our final daftness is the daftly brilliant. The type of daft that is so magnificently absurd, one can only admire. For those unaware, Australia’s King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are not a band who enjoy long periods of inactivity. They proved this in 2017, the year that saw the band release five studio albums, more than many group’s create in a career.

Fast forward to September 2022. By this stage, the year had already seen the release of two albums, one of which featured 80 minutes of material. But apparently that wasn’t enough.

Three albums in one month, taking the year’s total to five once more. The temerity required casually to tweet that you’ve just recorded and are about to release three projects, all within the space of three weeks, perfectly encapsulates the daft reality that is King Gizzard the Lizard Wizard. And as if that wasn’t enough, it looks like a couple more records are on their way in the new year.

This is getting out of hand!