The Daily Spreadsheets – Glide

Divinopolis based solo-artist, Henrique Neves has recently released his new single, ‘Glide’ under the name of The Daily Spreadsheets. The release follows on from the success of his previous singles, including ‘I Walk Alone’ and ‘Call It A Day’ and sees Neves expand his sound with grace.

Glide’ has a sense of familiarity around it, making it an easy, light-hearted track to listen to, and a perfect first stop for getting into The Daily Spreadsheets’ music. Neves has been writing music since he was just 14, taking influence from the likes of The Beatles and the British invasion that took over South America in the 60’s and 90’s American alternative rock. Whilst listening to this track, these influences become clear, there are parts of ‘Glide’ which will remind listeners of the Foo Fighters and Green Day. However, these similarities are not a bad thing, they allow Henrique Neves’ to create a unique take on the rock genre that allows him to create something truly special and true to himself.

The production within ‘Glide’ is what really makes the song shine, allowing Neves’ to pull in his listeners with a raucous, hard hitting drum beat and a summery guitar riff that are pulled together tightly to create a track that is perfect for long drives in the summer months.

With ‘Glide’, The Daily Spreadsheets excel. Henrique Neves’ song-writing builds to create a heartfelt number that works seamlessly both instrumentally and lyrically.