The Demo – Can’t Seem To Hide

Straight out of Middleton, Manchester, we’re proud to showcase The Demos’ first debut single. Consisting of 4 lads showcasing their talented indie post punk craft, they released the single “Can’t Seem To Hide” only a couple of weeks back. Recorded at Gracieland in Rochdale, but mastered in the world famous Abbey Road Studios, the quality in this single is oozing with charisma and most importantly, a well crafted arrangement!

Even though it’s early days still for the band, the debut track is a ‘picking up your jaw off the floor’ kinda track. For youngsters, they seem to have it all planned and know exactly what their goals are. You can hear the influences from the 90’s brit pop era with bands such as Oasis and Blur.

Only thing I could say to improve would be to work on getting a bit tighter as a band as it still seems slightly rough around the edges. Saying that, the imperfections makes the track a whole new ‘human’ level and seeing as they’re young, the future is looking promising. “Can’t Seem To Hide” features a band who are just starting out with so much potential and at Reyt Good Magazine, we’re so excited to see where they go with their ‘sound’.