The Demo – Not A Lot

The mancunian indie quartet, The Demo, hit long and hard with their new garage-infused single Not A Lot.

Claiming to have adopted more of a polished sound than their debut, this definitely does not mean that they’re compromising that dirty indie sound, and fortunately so. It’s a banger. 

When I first listened to this track, I thought of it as being reminiscent of a scene in those cheesy American comedies – Cheaper By The Dozen, for example – where the punk kid with a spiky barnet rolls out of bed in a Sex Pistols t-shirt and starts their day to some dirty-garage track on his trademark early 2000s stereo system. This is that track. 

It begins with a guitar hook which will rock your world. It’s a head throwing, basement-boogying worthy one; owning the same grit as in What Katie Did by The Libertines, yet maintaining a certain level of polished charm throughout, which is actually quite endearing. Ah, youngens…

The vocals slot in perfectly with their grainy guitarmanship, with Louie’s gravelly and quite frankly, fucking fantastic voice facilitating the well-thought-out delivery of the lyrics which seem to focus on the teenage mindset-fuelled ideology of not knowing what you’re doing. It’s relatable and it’s raw, with a tinge of dusty charm.