A much anticipated night starting out with lots of running around, set dressing and making everything the absolute best it can be, we were treated to the excellent comparing of Mr Deej Stretch; the first Deniros bassist (before he went working for TV) so it was an absolute heart warmer to have his stage energy back to introduce everyone.

This show was special for a few reasons. Every band had new songs, The Deniros themselves were recording a live album and video and it was to honour a big heart in the community.

London seasoned JW Paris up first. The beautifully energic heavy indie rock three-piece, realising the other bands had props had felt a bit outdone so they popped to the shop on the way in and ended up throwing out packs of noodles and marshmallows which was hysterical. Incredible stage banter, an absolutely amazing set full of laughter, dancing and tons of energy. Absolutely worth catching live even if you don’t know the tunes.

The night was then set up very well because back comes to Deej to break up the room for 15 mins so everyone could get a drink or whatever they needed but he asked us to trust when he said we needed to all come back for Gloria.

Traveling all the way from Lancaster, for this show, you were treated to a mix of Bowiesque/Led Zeppelin vibes that absolutely knock you off your feet, cracking dress sense, tons of stage presence, and the tunes to back it all up, the quartet are an updated 70s full package. Here’s hoping they do another north show in the near future.


Deej back once again to break the show into sections which given how hot this theatre is with the stage lights, the structure and energy was very much welcome.

Intro riff playing, curtain held up over the centre stage door, the cheeky grin as it dropped and on struts Alfie Clayton to chants of A. R . T. Theres a big fan base down London way for this iconic rock funk 5 piece and the main reason is A.R.T gigs aren’t just gigs. They are energic performance pieces. With a ton of new songs from the upcoming album, the ever amazing saxophone and trumpet solos the mosh pit got a little too chaotic at one stage, to which Alfie mentioned community. “Push and shove but in the name of love people” A beautiful community sentiment.

Then we got to the headliner, the live album recording of The Deniros.

I’m pointing this out for good reason, but before they could start, Kristian Brightmore had a technical issue that the sound engineer needed to get involved with. What happened next was incredible. Sam Stone, Hugo Morales and Simon “Stix” Toolan did what they all do best. Jam.
They turned a tech issue into an entire song that everyone clapped along for. No drama, no anger, no embarrassment. They remained so calm that they just improv’ed on the spot. That’s the mark of true rock stars in my book.

The set was absolutely jam-packed with special guests, Jonty and Alfie of A.R.T invited back to the stage, the amazing Deniros art director Roberta Francesca showing everyone she’s also got a brilliant set of pipes, loads of brand new songs as well as Deniros classics, a sea of paper planes being thrown back and forward through the room for one of the songs. Would highly recommend you watch this show back when it’s released