The Diary of an​ Edinburgh Fringe Comedian ​: Matthew Kin Yip Fong (Part Four)

For the second time in a row I have woke up naturally, the overwhelming feeling of dread that I have slept through my first show fills my mind. What’s the time??? 10:39 my show starts in an hour I can’t walk into the town so have to spend another £15 on a taxi into the city. Note to self go to bed sleep and do not forget to set the alarm!!! 

I get to the show and I see some familiar faces we have a good size audience. I haven’t seen any of the acts so I send them a message and turns out they have been waiting a while. The room at the counting house is so hot. I decided to go get some jugs of water and some cups, i give them to the audience, saying you don’t get this at live at the Apollo. 

The line up today is only three acts on so I have to fill a little more time as the host. Dan Nicholas who is on the show most days of the fringe has been smashing it, he has a show at just the tonic just off cow gate. That’s a show I would definitely recommend to see. As I am writing this I realize that I have missed his show today, hopefully I will make it tomorrow! 

The other acts on the bill did great and I got Ignazio Lopez on the show. I had heard a lot about him he is signed to an agent friend of mine. Ignacio was hilarious and he really did live up to the hype. His show is at just the tonic caves the big room! 13:30… another show that I want to see but have missed today. 

After my morning show I walked to city cafe grabbed some leaflets for my solo show and I walked out. Hannah one of the bar managers told me David Mitchell from the Peep show was in. I had to leaflet him, I’m a massive fan and couldn’t resist. I told him about my show and he took the flier. He also let me get a picture with him. He was a really friendly guy, I was always told doing by meet your hero’s because they don’t live up to the hype but David Mitchell was a true gentleman and even though I don’t expect him to come to my small room he still took my leaflet. 

So I’m trying to be better today and instead of writing the whole diary entry at 4am I decided to go to the loft bar to recharge my phone, watch, body and soul. I write the morning details down and then chill out contemplating going home for a nap and being very indecisive. I will let you know how it turns out. 

I left and went to the VIP bar. It had been raining and my Scottish Friend Adam was due to meet me. We went up and it was pretty wet. We managed to bag the last table outside with an umbrella. A few moments later I a couple looking for somewhere dry to sit. I called over and said they would be space for them if they were happy to sit with us. The two people were a couple who were both working on 10 shows this year. We exchanged details about there show and discussed the famous people who had just walked in. 

The time went by quickly and I was needing some food and to get on the street and leaflet for my show and I was going to do a shift for Chris McGlade as well. I leaflet for both shows and decided to see Chris’s show. It was exactly what I thought it would be a comic master piece. I had now lost an extra hour of time to get people into my show but it was worth it to see Chris’s show.

My show had been getting some good numbers in and I had not leafleted and much as I probably should have. This was reflective in the numbers that came to the show. I had an almost full room. I had one CBC (Chinese Born Chinese) come to my show and he said I was the funniest comedian he had ever seen. He got a T-shirt and made a donation to the show, but he also gave me his business card and told me I am welcome in his home town whenever. I was great to get such positive feedback from my target audience. 

After the show i went for a drink with him and he told me about his life. Spending time with the “Fans” is important after all i am here so people will figure out that I am a good/great comedian.

I left after the drink and had all the best intentions of going to sleep but another comic had asked if I would have a drink with them up in the VIP bar. 

I am here to network as well so thought one drink would be fine. I get up to the bar and its really quiet for a weekend I mean there was no queue for the bar and enough room to move completely different to the bar the night before. I am on my own and I go outside I can’t see anyone I know and then I see the guys I met in the afternoon. I asked them how their show went today and told them about how my room but got some great feedback. I am trying to go home but get invited back to an after party in a very posh end of Edinburgh, In an extremely nice penthouse flat. I am now so very tired, and its 4am (at least my prediction about writing this turned out wrong) We drank some more very posh beer a brand I hadn’t heard. It was really nice so I wish I had noted it down. By 5am I had managed to make a good enough excuse to leave the party. (my show starts in about 6 hours) I get a taxi from the flat to the other side of Edinburgh get into my flat and pass out knowing I am up in three hours for a show.