The Endorphins – Afterglow EP

Growing up in the late 90s and early 2000s I heard a lot of RnB on the radios and always remembered it being played in shops as I was being dragged around clothes shopping by my mum. It was soft, grooving music that put you at ease yet nowadays it’s rare you get that style of RnB. Yet Swedish duo, The Endorphins, are bringing it back and better than ever in their latest EP ‘Afterglow’.

Kicking it off with ‘Dead or Alive’ it sets the tone of the EP with dreamy soft music accompanied by an infective beat. The vocals have that RnB style mixed with a modern pop sound. This song starts out chill but by the end, you will be bopping about.

Next up is ‘Parachute’ which dials it down and pumps in the emotion. Its slower and the beat is more echoed in order to create an atmospheric sound that doesn’t distract from the emotional vocals on offer. Making use of both the talented vocals plus layered in backing vocals.

Their latest single ‘Home’ also makes an appearance which features singer AMAYA. ‘Home’ is the stand out track on the EP. It has a lot going on around the music, but it keeps you involved and the vocals really keep you listening.

The true romantic RnB tune is ‘Space Between Us’. It has an intimate beat and rhythm and the soft vocals heat it up, as the flow has an almost rap flow. The lyrics talk about making things work in a relationship. Finishing off the EP is the title track ‘Afterglow’ the chill vibe makes it a good song to put on in the background and just relax to. Its beat will have you moving along with it.

The Endorphins bring a great new sound to 90s RnB that is thoroughly enjoyable and has you vibing throughout the whole EP. If you need some to relax to, to dance to or something to set the mood, the give ‘Afterglow EP’ a try.