The F-use – Chaser

Nashville based alternative rock artist The F-use, aka the project is of Matthew Estevez, is back with, arguably, his best track to date, ‘Chaser‘. Quick off the starting line and running away with its middle finger up to any haters around, The F-use’s latest release is a unique blend of grunge and alternative rock, with a mixture of screamo added in for good measure. Instantly, if you see the word screamo, you might be hesitant and think this is a metal track, but don’t be alarmed. It’s hard-hitting, but not metal.

The head-banging worthy anthem is driven with some of the best vocals you’ll hear this week. Matthew’s diverse range is note-perfect and hard to leave behind, and why would you want to? Capturing the nostalgic era of the 90s in the palm of its hand, this number drips with garage-rock sensibilities. Sounding like the lovechild of Dave Grohl, Pixies and Placebo all thrown together, this track proves that rock and roll will never die.

Although the track is fuelled with rebellion and attitude, there’s not a bad bone in this track’s body. It might seem aggressive in places and hard to tame, but ‘Chaser‘ is completely on your side.

At just under 3 minutes long, you’ll be left wanting more, I, sure enough, did after my first listen. Currently on my 4th listen while reviewing it, and I’m still craving more.