The F-USE – I Don’t Feel Like I Belong Here

Nashville grunge-rock project The F-USE announce debut LP ‘I Don’t Feel Like I Belong Here’. Following in the footsteps of their recent single ‘For the Love of God’, the 90’s inspired album features themes of frustration from the pandemic crisis and social unrest. 

Starting the album off in a fierce way, “One More Chance Dad” feels like a big ol’ rant to a dad that isn’t being the best role model. Beginning with vocals that feel optimistic still after being hurt, the vocal eventually build into aggression. Angry that things didn’t go the right way, the first single features a memorable chord progression and moments of iconic modern rock. Previously released single ‘For The Love of God’ enters with it’s metal infused riff. Like something you’d hear on Radio 1’s Rock Show with Daniel P Carter, frontman Matthew Estevez’s voice on this number is unforgettable. Frustrated and ultimately p***ed off, could you imagine the scenes at a live show when this track is played? Mosh pit galore! Oh… those were the days, ay?

Hear Me Scream’ explains, what sounds like, struggles with depression. An important track that needs to be heard, now more than ever, the track feels slightly insecure while surrounded by a wall of sound. ‘Hourglass’ is a remarkable acoustic based number that uses a glistening soundscape for reassurance. About using time wisely, the hazy number specialises in creating a warm atmosphere that can soothe the soul. ‘Overdrive’ uses, well, overdriven guitars. An electrifying single transported straight from the noughties, the garage-rock nudges the production on Foo Fighters’ ‘The Colour & The Shape.’

I’m Still Me’ begins with an acoustic arrangement before building into true The F-USE style. It feels like this track has been done before on the album. It lacks in substance, and is screaming for room to breathe. Tracks such as ‘Use Me’ and ‘You’ll Be Alright’ are quick to the point and don’t have room for people telling it to stick to a rulebook, while tracks ‘Dear Mom’ and ‘In My Head’ feel like they lack in independence and want some sort of mentor to look up to. Title track ‘I Don’t Feel Like I Belong Here’ concludes the album with distinctive moments of grace. The albums longest track is memorable and sadly relatable in many ways. 

The F-USE think outside the box and showcase that guitar music is far from over.