The France – California

From supporting musical legends such as Scouting for Girls and Reverend & The Makers, the indie-pop band The France and about to take centre stage with their latest single ‘California’. For the Northwest four-piece, this won’t be their first single – past releases such as ‘Better Off Alone’ and ‘Forever Too Long’ have also been a huge success, so it won’t be a surprise if their new track is to be loved just as much.

Like any indie ballad, ‘California’ is infused with quirky synth melodies, creating an immaculate summer vibe that is destined to drive anyone into a state of pure happiness. And when the weather is as amazing as it is at the moment, why wouldn’t you want to blast a song that fits so perfectly with the scorching sun?

Likewise, along with any stylistic melody, you need percussion. Throughout ‘California’ the lionhearted beats of the drum can be heard driving the rhythm to the max but in a cool indie-pop kind of way. It’s energetic, it’s vibrant, but at the same time calming.

As well as being a strong song in terms of melody and rhythm, ‘California’ is also a hit when it comes to lyrics. Upon my first listen, it was hard to distinguish what the song was about. Was it a love song? Was it about being happy? Or was it a song about missing something or someone? I came to the conclusion that it was all of the above. Written as a love song to California itself, The France have narrated the perfect story of both falling in love with something, but also missing it deeply at the same time.

“And now we’re living on the run, California/You got me falling for the sun, California” they sing, omitting feelings some of us know only too well – that feeling you get want you’re on holiday, soaking up the heat, and realising you never want to come home.

There is not a single thing to fault about this song. The effortless vocal talents, the energetic guitar strikes, the vibrant quirk of the baseline. It has it all. So, if you’re looking for an all-time indie summer classic, then ‘California’ is the one for you!

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