The Gallerys – Lucid Trail

The Gallerys latest EP ‘Lucid Trail’ is a solid showing from the Kent band. There’s a tonne of variety packed into four songs, each style performed impeccably. This lot have all the tools to go far if they keep putting out such quality.

Two slower tracks bookend the record, with two upbeat offerings sandwiched in between. The former two, ‘Lucid Trail’ and ‘Silver Lining’ showcase the band’s exceptional harmonies in all their glory. Each member individually has strong vocals, but when they’re all pulled together it sounds heavenly. ‘Lucid Trail’ personally put me in mind of some of DMAs more emotional tunes.


The Gallerys show they can nail a ballad, but also give us a taste of energy with ‘Shadow Street’ and ‘Steady Beat’. ‘Shadow Street’ is a strongly melodic tune with a catchy chorus and impressive work on both the acoustic and electric guitars, whilst ‘Steady Beat’ is a perfect slice of good old-fashioned, irresistible indie rock’n’roll.  

Lucid Trail’ is a top-quality effort from The Gallerys, and you don’t often see bands this young have so much versatility. They’re also blessed with genuinely fantastic singing voices, which again isn’t too often the case when it comes to indie bands. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys.